Siri up 26%? CNBC? GRRR?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by eagle488, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. I was just watching CNBC and it was funny. Siri was really at 4.16 and their readout showed a price of 5.26. The announcer turns around and looks at the readout stating that the stock is now up 26%. . .

    I said on here once that an investor or trader must be like a police detective looking at all angles and always trying to confirm what they see. This little blunder by CNBC is just one of so many. I wish I had more of a choice besides bloomberg or CNBC...

    I wonder if Ron Insana is going to make as many blunders in his newly announced fund of funds...
  2. Ebo


    Who cares?

    Nobody uses the data/opinions from these muppets on TV.

    Do you trade off their Crude Oil prices when they consistantly quote the expiring month for a week after it rolls over?
  3. Have to agree with you here, and their FV numbers don't make any sense either. (And, since Maria is married and getting older, why bother?) LOL.

  4. Big time delay.....what do you expect!