SIRI saucer bottom reversal to bull upretend near?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by halfsure, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. halfsure



    just wondering if this signals a reversal to an uptrend of at least $.60 closing

    Couple Notes from top to bottom

    RSI not oversold or overbought
    Broke intermediate down trend line but yet to complete the saucer bottom reversal pattern. Still signs of at least a $.20 advance?
    Right half of saucer took almost same time as left half of saucer
    Volume decreased down first half increased second
    recent MACD histogram indicates a neutral level in bear/bullishness
    OBV is ready to break downtrend resistance line

    seems like this stock still has another $.20-30 cents or so to advance

    Also notice the volume day a few days ago was the highest its ever been in 6 months yet it wouldn't go below an even $.30 Is that a sign of demand being greater then selling. Bull?

    Q2 report "estimates" $-.013 . Contrary says the result will be a positive $.10 cents EPS unexpected results creating a buying demand for it.