SIRI around 5.65

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  1. SIRI has taken a HUGE hit over the past month or so. Dou think it's finally time to pick some shares up before the earnings call? I believe that the the reason it has plunged over the past few days is because the market is expecting a terrible call. We'll see what happens...
  2. what earnings? the company loses a huge amount of money. it trades on sub adds.
  3. Stern's big move to siri was based in part on not facing the same censorship he had on free radio. Half a billion didn't hurt either. Anyway, he's back in the same censorship boat at siri inside of his first month which is a huge disappointment for shareholders. I'm short at just over $7.
  4. Where do you think it will bottom out at?
  5. From the looks of the chart I'd guess it could tank another $1 before it found support and even there I would expect a rally ... just a stop to the bleeding. I'd start looking for signs around $5.25. All that could change once investors realize that siri counts cars with thier radios installed that are sitting in lots as subscribers as well as other strange math they come up with. There will come a point when even Mel buying more shares won't keep the price propped up. At some point they have to have earnings. Until then they are pure spec. But I could be wrong ... YMMV
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    Long SIRI....this news might help in the long run although not reflected in the after hours and based on the time of the release didn't help much during the day either.

    SIRIUS Canada Adds Howard Stern to Satellite Radio Line Up
    Wednesday February 1, 1:47 pm ET
    Canada's leading satellite radio provider to add The Howard Stern Show on Howard 100 as of February 6th

    TORONTO, Feb. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- SIRIUS Canada today announced that the "King of All Media," Howard Stern, will be included as part of the company's 100 channel premium line up. As of February 6, 2006, SIRIUS Canada subscribers will be able to hear Stern on the widely publicized Howard 100 channel.
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    I am still short with no intent to cover anytime soon. I also shorted some puts because I don't expect it to go directly to $0.
  8. siri puts out this stuff every day ... to no avail. I was long from 5 to 7.5. went short 2 days later. no brainer really.
  9. Seems I'm right. Happens every once on a while. The chart is showing siri going nowhere but down for quite a while yet.
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    I am just curious why do people go long SIRI? Can you give me just one of the reasons?
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