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  1. Just curious of others experiences with the current IPhone and the "great advance" otherwise called Siri? I have a couple friends, one is an APPl fanatic, the other a user as his company pays for it, but could care less otherwise. Both tell me what a laugh the SIRI story is and the celebrities advertising for APPL. They constantly have issues with functionality that APPL claims with SIRI, and are ready to toss the phones in the toilet. They will openly admit they can get the same concepts for less, but they are either sold on APPL, or the company they work for is willing to cover the cost, and like having the supposed latest greatest.
    Is APPL going to be able to keep selling what to me amounts to a load of bs without Jobs? I didn't buy it before and am less likely now, and I really wonder if quite a few APPL diehards might fall away from the myth.
  2. I am a fanboy and don't use Siri at all. The ticker is AAPL.
  3. Not sure I understand your comment Atticus? I do respect your opinions so would be interested to get what you are saying. I missed a capital letter for APPL at one point, but think I hit the cap elsewhere.
  4. The ticker is AAPL.

    I don't use Siri, and don't know anyone who uses it. A useless feature in a sea of useless smartphone apps.
  5. Lol, got it.
  6. it's useless now, but will be something that changes the world in the future.

    Siri on iphone is still in its infant stage, apple is using its customers as testers to train & perfect siri over time. Unlike regular voice recognition, siri is an AI - backed by large farms in apple's data center (think watson) Every voice you input, recognized or failed is captured and processed to improve siri.

    It's smart & visionary, once the software is trained years down the road, imagine the app it can be used on - tv, phones, home automation etc.. the siri on iphone is nothing more than a QA page for apple to get free testing & train its baby.

    Remember reading somewhere siri is one of apple's largest and most funded project right now. Even though most people dont recognize, the potential for siri is world changing, apple knows it.
  7. Agreed.