Sinovac setback

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    Sinovac setback

    China's big vaccine-export hope, Sinovac's CoronaVac, just suffered a huge blow: it's only 50.4% effective, according to the results of its first large-scale, late-stage trial. The trial was conducted by Brazil's Butantan Institute, which claimed last week that the efficacy rate was 78%. Now, it says that figure left out "very mild" cases that did not require medical assistance. CNBC
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    Oh yes! Figures never lie but liars always figure.
  3. Well, that's pretty bad news.
    Still, does it at least prevent serious illness?
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    No it is not. Originally Fauci would have been happy with a 50% effectiveness rate for the Pfizer vaccine. In short, compared to nothing a 50% ratio still saves shit ton of lives. And it seems even those who got it, got much milder symptoms, so although not super duper effective for those who are not in the 50% it is still a way better outcome.

    Now business-wise, that is a different question, because very good vaccines already exist. But most poor countries are not in the position to be too picky, so they take whatever comes first or cheaper.

    In a way it is good news because the Western producers can feel superior and take over their market eventually.