Sinning in the name of GOD?????

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  1. My message to Hezbollah and its sympathizers:

    God gives (limited) free choice, sinners will be punished. If you chose to be a sinner, don't do it in the name of God!!! That is utter blasphemy!!

    Can murderers throughout the world avoid going to hell simply by becoming Muslim??? And now they can even continue their murderous designs, so long as its in the name of their new adopted religion??? Sounds too convenient for me.

    I sure don't think the Koran EVER says such rubbish!! It is simply murderers trying to help their conscious pangs.

    You all take it from here.
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    Calm down kid. You sound Hysterical!! WOW!

    What happened? You suddenly realized that these guys are bad news for Zionist expansionist plans? :D

    If you want them to follow the real Koran, tell Bush to stop kissing his Saudi Boyfriends. Bush should tell his Boyfriend to stop financing radical Islamists.

    But then we're not dealing with real Christians are we? Rather we're dealing with demonic manifestations who use the Bible as a front.

    Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword. ( Matthew 26:52 )
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    misread the thread title, thought it said Slimming in the name of God - a sort of what would Jesus eat kind of thing.
  4. Fanatism is called for when coming to extinguish evil, not when coming to extinguish truth.
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    Your wrong. There is no such thing as pure Islam. The Koran DOES condone murder in the name of religion. It is called Jihad.
    The Hadith - "Teachings of Muhammad" proliferate such rubbish.
    Muhammad financed his campaignes through pilliging towns and robbing traverlers.
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    You are correct Aapex and there is no such thing as pure Christianity either. The Bible DOES condone murder in the name of God.

    But then, that's religion for you.
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    umm, you have to put it in context. Muhammad robbed ONLY the Makkan ( sp? ) trade caravans ( and those of Makkan allies ) because he was at war with them. They had kicked him out of Makkah after confiscating his wealth and that of his followers. In fact many of his followers died of starvation because no one was allowed to help them. Most resorted to eating leaves to survive as they secretly started emigrating to Medina.

    And if I may add. The term Jihad has been mis appropriated by both sides of this conflict. The current crop of Muslim mullahs have taken it to an extreme where now the definition of killing oneself is permisible. Jihad in that context only applies to dying when actually in a war, it does not apply to blowing oneself up and killing civilians ( Koran is explicit that one goes to Hell in that case ). The concept of Jihad primarily refers to ones war against ones own weakness. So for example if you were alcoholic, you would under take a "jihad" to become sober. Hope you get the point.

    I'm not condoning any of their actions, I just like people to keep their shit straight. I happen to read quite a bit of all the so called "Holy Scriptures". All I can say is none of them have a monopoly on God, war, peace or for that matter religion. I could quote some shit from the Talmud and Kaballah that would make anyones ( who isn't a Demon, yes Mary, Demons do exist even today) stomach turn.
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    You are infact WRONG!!!!!

    Read your history. Muhammad killed and robbed and invaded Northern Africa. He destroyed Yathrib - (which is now Medina) and took slaves and captives. The only hope was to convert to Islam or DIE! he even tried to conquer China though he was ignored and thus the battle never got off the ground.

    You are also wrong in that you are reinterpreting the text. Jihad by traditions refers to war with the infidels and not with ones self. Remember son, Muhammad wanted to purify the world with one religion. He felt that since the Jews did not recongnize his as a Prophet that he needed to create his own religion.

    That is why the Koran is full of text taken straight from Biblical manuscripts. He borrowed their history and twisted it to gain popularity amoung the Arab traders. Islam is a blend of Zorostar, Judaism, and Christianity.

    I could go on but I digress.
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    If that's the real definition of Jihad, in that case you might want to re-edit what they have on Wikipedia as much of what I wrote is also reflected there.

    I will have to study more on the subject of his raids. Although one has to always keep in mind the biases inherent in each source.

    I think we can all agree that Israelites, Christians and Hindus also killed non-believers in ample numbers as did the muslims. No one has the high moral ground on the issue of waging war.

    Using your train of logic, one can argue that the Torah ( Old Testament ) is in fact a plagarism of Bablylonian mythology? The flood mythology of Noah that is depicted in the Torah, Bible and the Koran is an exact derivation of the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh.

    As I have stated in my prior post, NO religious sect has a monopoly on religion. They're all plagiarisms in some form or another of earlier religious texts. In fact what religions have most in similarity is their intolerance of those who hold different religious beliefs. Just because someone stands up in the village square and screams his religion is "the" religion , does'nt make it so.

    I think I'm done posting for today, it's time to get back to real business.
  10. I didn't mean that this thread should be an attack on any religion, and I certainly take offense to the stuff you said about totally kosher doctrines. I'm talking about interpreting doctrines to the detriment of society, and that the Jewish people definitely do not do.
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