Singles Day Tops $10 Billion Before First Half Hour

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by ETJ, Nov 10, 2019.

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    Businessmen really know how to look for opportunity.
    Years ago, there was no such thing as Singles Day sales.
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    Soon there will be Black Thursday, Black Wednesday...Black Everyday.

    How many TVs do you need? How many clothes can you wear in a day? When will you ever be satisfied?

    Over-consumption is a disease.
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  5. Well said. This is only indicative that you can take standard US consumerism and scale it like a mofo in China.
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    I have said the same thing many times. Why dont they just have a FOREVER sales event. We now have amazon doing their prime day sales event in July and this year black Friday already ready started in october and instead of one day of black friday sales some are doing an entire week and of course lets not forget about cyber monday and maybe this year cyber Tuesday and Saturday, it's getting to be a completely saturated event. I think the reason they want consumers to keep consuming is because we are about 70% of the GDP. Without these trillions being spent the economy would go into free fall so why not keep these hyped up ongoing sales events in place so that everyone can keep buying more garbage. When is someone satisfied? There is no level of satisfaction, times are different and fulfilling that level of satisfaction is barely ever met anymore, that's just how the world has become.
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    It doesn't matter how they do it. Sales have been around since mankind begun trading. The total sales dollar is whatever it is.
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    China has 1.386B people. So on average, everyone in China bought $7 worth off stuff in the first minute? Doesn't sound that impressive when considering the population.