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Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by Don Bright, Dec 6, 2002.

  1. I'm having Marty Doyle, of One Chicago on my radio show tomrorrow. If anyone has an interest in how the SSF's are doing, liquidity, and trading styles, this might be a good time to tune in and ask questions.

    You can all get it on the web by going to my website, and those near Philadelphia, Wash. DC, West Palm, Phoenix, or Vegas can hear it live on the radio (check the website for station info).

  2. Don -

    I listen to your show every week on KFNN here in Phx.

    Look forward to the SSF's. Anyone else who can't get the show can also listen to the station on the web at
  3. Great!! Thanks for listening....

  4. what time?
  5. Noon PST
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    can someone summarize what happened. we can't all listen to this ... :(
  7. I post up the radio archives whenever possible...check in a couple of days on the website.

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    Do you broadcast in N. California area?

  9. I'll read the archive in a few days, but would be very interested to know his opinion on the future liquidity we might expect in this arena...
  10. Catch us on the web....go to my website and listen in if you like!!

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