Single payer health care, the net cost?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by bigarrow, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. I am curious about the real cost of health insurance and what would be the real net effect of a single payer health care system in America. I haven’t seen the numbers and I don’t know if they exist. We know it would be a huge cost to implement a federal government single payer system. But what is the net cost? What would the savings be to states and counties from a single payer system. What would be the savings to municipal governments not having to carry health insurance? The cost savings to business would be huge, how would this help our foreign trade? This would also drive down workers comp. insurance, all workers comp would have to cover would be lost wages there wouldn’t be a health care component so the cost would be significantly less. How would this affect retirement plans that would no longer have the health care load. Would the savings be enough to make the state, county and city budgets be flush, would it be enough to stop companies from locating in other nations or becoming insolvent, would it make it easier for management and labor to negotiate without having health care being a part of the negotiations? This would help American companies compete globally but would it be enough? It may not, but it is defiantly worth knowing what the net numbers are.