Single female day trader looking for a partner

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by rin4et, Dec 26, 2016.

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  1. rin4et


    Looking for a single profitable male day trader. This is a lonely business especially if you are a work from home retail day trader. This is not necessarily for dating but just to share some camaraderie, keep each other motivated, share our success and other experiences which only a day trader can understand. I meet the following criteria and I am looking for someone that does.
    1) You are a full time day trader. I am not looking for any long term investors. Day trading is a different ballgame.
    2) You are profitable. I am not looking for a newbie because I don't want it to lead to a mentor - student relationship. I will not reveal my systematic edge and I won't ask you to reveal yours.
    3) You trade your own capital.
    4) You plan to trade for a living if you don't already do so. It doesn't matter if you have supplemental sources of income.
    5) It will be nice if you live in southern California so we can actually meet in person although this is not a requirement.
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  2. Camaraderie is good!
  3. Xela


  4. zdreg


    the best edges are the ones you can reveal but others cannot duplicate,
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  6. Zzzz1


    Male as it is a perfect bait? Profitable because? If as you said you would not reveal your methods and would neither ask for the other's methods why does it matter whether he is profitable or not? Sounds more like someone unprofitable either looking for handholding or else someone looking for a sugar daddy. When logic goes overboard then there is ALWAYS a fishy undercurrent to be discovered. (or me missing another angle, though I doubt it)

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  7. wintergasp


    Man chill out. Did you ever read a serious message that starts with "single female ..."
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  8. Zzzz1


    Blackberry, lol. Is this an article from 2006? Though the description of the typical trader being an attention whore is definitely on track.

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  9. Zzzz1


    I am super chilled out and amused hence my post.

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  10. Xela


    I posted from the same perspective, thinking the article might amuse. (Some people, it seems, can contrive to take even ironic posts personally! [​IMG] )
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