Single Click Trading!?

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Single Click or the Last Click

  1. There is no such a thing as a Single Click Trading.

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  2. Single Click CAN read your mind and DOES Auto Setup!

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  1. Should Single Click Trading be/is patented?

    As far back as I can remember, since 87 or so, the single click trading has always existed.
    Back then Lind Waldock had it, whereby you would set up the prerequisite data for setting up a trade and then the last click would have transmitted it the order to Lind!
    Now, isn't that what you do with all the Domes these days? You need to set it up first by entering your Account no., Instrument, Quantity and the Exchange etc. etc. and then once properly set up the last click is the one that transmits the order!
    So the single click IS actually the last click after setup or NOT?
    Am I missing something here?
  2. What?

    Almost every trading program I've seen has a single click option.

    Sometimes there's a confirmation window (double click, lol), but you can usually turn it off.

    One click, one order.
  3. 2ticks


    The buy/sell @ market button is single-click trading. Likely available on any platform you care to mention. You may need to turn off order confirmations to truly learn to loathe that single-click.

    And since AI is not an option for retail platforms, be sure you are acting on the correct symbol.
  4. That is exactly my point.
    If there is a setup involved, whereby you have to preset the instrument, quantity etc., then it is not a single click and this has existed for decades already prior to the TT patent and thus why is the single click patented?!!!!!

    THERE DOES NOT EXIST SUCH A THING A SINGLE CLICK, it's an Illusion and hence should NOT have been patented!
  5. I should make myself clear, here's my belief and I would like to be proven wrong.
    Hence, if my claim is True, then there should NOT have been a Single Click Trading Patent ever awarded.
    If I am wrong, then show us how to place a Discretionary single click trading without a Prep or a Setup please.
  6. So you're mad that it takes work to customize your trading platform?

    Not everyone wants to bypass the confirmation screen.
  7. Not at all!
    I'm not mad about anything.
    My point is that, the "Single Click Trading" patent has wrongfully been awarded, since there DOES NOT exist such a thing as "Single Click Trading" and can NEVER exist, hence wrongful granting of the pattent not only has increased our cost of trading but more importantly it has stopped all further innovations in this respect.

  8. Is there a single click patent?

    Are you sure you haven't mistaken a brief one line description of the patent with what the patent claims actually monopolise?
  9. The broadest claim in this patent is:

    A method of placing a trade order for a commodity on an electronic exchange using a client system with a user input device and with preset parameters for trade orders, the method comprising: displaying a market depth of the commodity comprising information representing orders at an inside market and orders outside of the inside market through a dynamic display of prices and quantities of a plurality of bids and asks in the market for the commodity; and initiating placement of a trade order relating to the commodity at a price outside of the inside market in response to a single action of the user input device with a pointer of the user input device positioned over an area in said dynamic display; setting a price of the trade order based in part upon a preset parameter and the position of the pointer at the time of said single action.

    As you can see, the patented method comprises initiating a trade order by a single user action (click), with reference to preset parameter and the value clicked on.
    It claims (in part) single click trade placement rather than single click 'trading' as hinted at in the original post.

    Nonetheless, it is a very broad claim and appears to encompass all DOM based trading systems. The vendors will certainly be concerned...
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