single asset investments

Discussion in 'Trading' started by vetten, May 30, 2007.

  1. vetten


    hi folks,

    I have a feeling that we are concentrating too much on today`s trades in stead of having an overall view of what asset classes are doing.

    Don`t we have an economic clock that tells us when to invest in the stock market and when to invest in property for instance.
    There might be other assets that would fit in with stock and property. I know of cash, but that wont bring in a lot of money aye.

    If we had invested say $100,000 in index futures like the ES when the stock market was going up in 2003/2004 wouldn`t we be rich today? We wouldn`t have to put in thousands of hours to look for our next golden trade.
    NO, we would just sit back and relax and see our money grow.

    The stock market tanks and we would be in residential property
    probably (through an investment vehicle?)

    Well I`m just throwing this up and think that most of us dont see the forest for the trees. All those rich investors must be laughing their heads off with all those posts on ET and I hope to join them one day:)