Singapore SGX Access & Clearing Fee

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Kravm, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Kravm



    I have recently opened a stock trading account with one of the bigger banks in Singapore. After some negotiations we agreed on a decent commission percentage and leverage level. All good that far, but then the issue of clearing came up.

    According to my broker, the SGX charge 0.0325% (plus an access fee of 0.0075%) on all trades on top of the regular commission to the bank. That is more than 10 times higher than some other advanced markets and 5 times higher than for example the Thai SET! Cost of clearing on that level would make any large scale serious daytrading really difficult.

    I am specialized in trading stocks, so CFDs or futures is not an option for me.

    Any trader in the Singapore SGX that can shed light on this? Do local daytraders really pay that much for clearing?
  2. traider


    You can become a member of the exchange to get a lower clearing fee. Are you an automated trader that can do enough volume?
  3. maxinger


    Sgx derivative TMP membership fees has increased from s$1k to s$10k per year. Not sure price for sgx stock trading membership fees
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  4. Kravm


    The SGX derivatives membership fees looks alright. But I cannot find any similar information for SGX Stock membership. Looks like I will have to go via an existing member. There are apparently some rebates for market makers and liquidity providers. But according to the broker I use, those rebates are not for individual traders.

    Any more insights about this matter would be appreciated!