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  1. In promoting its facility, ABN AMRO describes it this way: The 24-hour facility, which connects traders to 13 global markets, provides trading and technology support as well as data feeds from Reuters, CQG and other third-party trading software providers. It has 38 spaces for individual Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) members and additional enclosed spaces for hedge funds and proprietary trading groups.

    Very smart, I'm not sure if most Hedgefunds and group
    traders can't afford to have all these on their own,
    and what's the benefit for any retail traders settling in asia?
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    I hear that futures trading is quite a growth industry in Singapore, retail and hedge funds.

    Problem is trading the US time frames. It cuts into the night life.
  3. I used to think like you until last year, but i tell you, it's
    very fortunate to be trading evening to early morning in Asia
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    Why is it fortunate to trade thru morning?
  5. That is one of the points of trading from outside the US - trading different markets/timeframes.

    And trading never cuts into one's 'nightlife' unless they let it.
  6. You have to figure it out yourself. and if you want
    to trade daytime, Eurox products, Globex currency
    products start Noon-time, Time to go out late evening.
  7. I've traded US markets from Singapore before.

    It did require a lifestyle adjustment. I did my work from 3pm to 9pm, traded from 9.30pm to 4.15am then then went straight to bed at 4.50am after settling blotters.

    Then you get up at noon and start your day.

    It's the only way to see friends on weekdays by arranging dinner at 7pm.

    The nice thing about Asia is that you can follow Asia and then Europe through the day. Carrying on to the US is a bit painful.
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    What is the different from company like InteractiveBrokers?
  9. @TheStudent:

    can you recommend a good broker in Singapore ? I've contacted Refco Singapore but find their platform -if you can call it that, it's just browser based - to be a pain in the neck. They don't offer anything better.


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