Singapore scientists say can turn CO2 into biofuel

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  1. what matters, is how much ENERGY it takes. Like fusion, which requires considerably more energy than is produced...
  2. Find a cheap way to separate hydrogen from oxygen and all our energy and environmental problems are solved. Why bother with a gas that makes up about 0.04% of the atmosphere and doesn't easily convert to usable energy?
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    Get used to it. Times have changed in the last decade. IBN Singapore is run by a highly respected MIT chemical engineering scientist/professor specializing in nanostructure systems.

    Gives you an idea why she is considered one of the top in world in her field of study. Over the last 15yrs, a massive influx of highly intelligent Chinese are filling the PhD/MD/MS slots in the best US education centers and returning home with their new found expertise to develop high-grade educational centers, research programs, and related businesses. Chinese developments such as this should be no surprise. Expect progressively more groundbreaking research from that region as time passes. Chem eng field is taking this development very serious.
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    Scientists make a lot of claims and 99.9% of them end up being wrong. Hopefully this one works out.
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    99.9%?? Way to bullshit.
  6. in other words, you only trust white scientists. why dont you join the KKK?:mad:
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    He means that a lot of claims from places like China tend to be questionable and not based on rigid scientifically accepted regimens.

    Moh, go back to your hole. :D :D :D
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