Singapore Residents Trading in the US

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by psmith508, May 7, 2013.

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    I am wondering if there are any residents from Singapore that are trading stocks and options in the US? If so, I am wondering who you are trading with. I have a friend who has reached out to me for my opinion. I trade with a few brokerages including thinkorswim and Trade Station. I like both but I know the costs can be a little higher then IB for example. Any thoughts on who to trade with I would love to share it. I have also read information on Etrade and SogoTrade? Any good or bad experiences?


  2. Hi Patrick,

    I am a Singaporean trading US markets. I'm using IB because of the low costs. Do let me know if you can find somebody cheaper than IB.

    Thanks and good luck!
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    Thank you for the input on IB! I will let them know and keep you updated. Besides cost are you happy with their trading platform? Also, do they have a mobile app for the iPad? We travel a lot on the go and trade the emini Dow and s&p futures too.