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    Just wondering if anyone had any info on prop trading from singapore. I know a couple of these threads have been opened but just wondering whether anyone had any new news.

    I saw that Transmarket group is listed on the Eurex site and I heard that Schneider has an office down there, anything else?

    Any hints, links, phone numbers would be great.

  2. Yup, i know a fair bit... TMG is located at SGX Centre. I go the place around once a month, they took over the old Refco office. They have set it up like 6 or 8 screens per trader. Was juz there on Tues night, juz 2 traders around. Visited Schneider's as well when they juz started. Talked to JB as well. Their office is at UOB Plaza. Also visited Abn Amro's over at the building near CPF (name juz escapes me now, they weren't doing prop the last i asked tho') and finally Saxon Financials also have an office near town.

    Contacts and addresses should be avail on the websites of those companies. Have fun! =)
  3. anyone trades with the prop firm mention above?
  4. Are these the only prop firm in Singapore?
    Anyone has a full list?
  5. hope not :D :D :D

    maybe there isnt' any
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    Saxons Financials is now Saxon Capital

    TMG (transmarket) basically closed down in Singapore, traders I spoke to headed over to UOB-Schneider (17th floor UOB plaza 1)
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    I used to work for Saxon in London. Good company
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    Propex which is one of the the largest Prop Firms in Australia appears to have opened a office in Singapore.
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