Singapore advance first-quarter GDP falls 11.5% on year

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  1. Singapore says economy to contract 6%-9% in 2009

    Singapore's advance economic growth figures turned in a worse-than-expected performance in the first quarter of the year, contracting 19.7% on an annualized, seasonally adjusted basis, and falling 11.5% from the same quarter of 2008, according to government data released Tuesday. The results compared with market expectation for a 7.5% annualized contraction and an 8.6% on-year tumble, according to a survey reported by Dow Jones Newswires. Meanwhile, the Monetary Authority of Singapore said it would lower the trading band for the Singapore dollar, Dow Jones reported. Singapore uses the exchange-rate band as a key monetary tool, with the latest move representing an easing of policy, somewhat akin to lowering interest rates.
  2. Singapore is dead meat, it will probably accede to China as an overseas province
  3. Wow, shocker there!!!

    All the 'surplus' countries are being taken to the woodshed.