Sinema winning the AZ Senate race.

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    Wow.Trump only won AZ by 4 so like Texas AZ is headed to being a blue state fast.

    If Sinema wins that would be 3 red state races Dems would win.Republicans did not win any Senate races in blue states and Dems won 6 out of 7 if the swing state senate races (if FL stays with Scott,Scotts lead is down to 22,000)
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    Sinema is now up by nearly 10,000 votes.
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  4. even Orange County, CA was turned. Dingbat extraordinaire Dana Rohrabacher was beaten by a Democrat (ex-republican) too. You can't get waspier than OC.
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    Like New Mexico and Nevada before, Colorado has turned completely blue. With Arizona and Texas close to flipping and the blue wall regaining it's might, we have good signs for 2020. I am aboard the Beto train if it helps.
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    Arizona is officially Purple.

    2018 House Election Results > Arizona

    9 Congressional Districts: 5 Republicans | 4 Democrats
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    The OC was untouchable at one point.. North County San Diego is blue now..Dont these Dumb fucks realize half of the pie is better then none.
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    Due to illegal immigration and media lies and bias.
  9. FALSE.
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    Sinema wins. Maricopa contested votes are less than 6K in a DEM county. Pima county is overwhelmingly DEM.

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