Since there is a 95% Chance of You Blowing Up, you MUST Vote for this IB Poll:

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  1. Whether you Blow Up before or after you make millions, there is a 95% chance of you being poor and destitute because you just don't have the risk management and money management tools that Institutional Investors have that enable them to survive.

    This is why any broker that caters to professional traders - like IB - needs to offer risk management and money management functionality/tools as part of the trading platform.

    So please vote for this poll:

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  2. bespoke


    Why would I want my competition to get better?
  3. National mental health phone #

  4. Cunt? Fuck you asshole.
  5. Risk/Money Management tools are built right into my trading software that interfaces directly with IB. I trade from my charts. Don't need it in IB.

    You are quite the whiner, and the abusive language leads me to believe you got caught by the short and curleys in the recent 650 point rally.
  6. Lucrum


    I voted, gave it a 1.

    I figure only a panty waste girlie man needs his broker to "cut him off" like a drunk who needs a bartender to tell him when he's had too much.

    Another thought occurred to me.

    It's a crying shame self righteous indignation can't be converted into legal tender.

    If it could most of ET's members would be fucking gazillionaires.
  7. although op is right that 99% will blow up sooner or later..........he shows me that he is a piker.............the 'tell' for me is that he believes any broker would ever offer such RM and MM capabilities..........brokers have been around for 200 years..........and for 200 years they know that the most money is made from traders that overtrade and blow up........then overtrade some more and blow up some more.............until the broker has all thier money thru why would they do anything the reduces such a profitable business model...............its kind of like asking casinos to prevent obsessive compulsive gamblers from not gambling so much.......why the f would they ever do such a thing then they LIVE OFF THESE PEOPLE.

    btw condorll........what software would that be??? please don't say buttontrader.....tia
  8. Omnitrader Pro has it all.
  9. Unless you are carrying 50 diff options positions and god knows what leveraged nonsense in your port, there's no need for fancy software.

    What's this BS about blowing up? If you don't know what you own and can't manage it by hand, give it up and trade counterfeit DVD's on the street,
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    lol IB at most is a third tier provider.........
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