since the moderator of the Psychology forum has no life, let's discuss it here

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  1. the moderating of this place needs to be moderated. this post was made in the Psychology forum and was deleted within 1 minute.
    gee, i wonder why that thread is one of your favorites? maybe because you started it and it's full of useless crap?

    that thread needs to be renamed: "what trading is not."

    there isn't one post in the 200 you made in that thread that can be used to make money. tell any newbie trader anything you said in that thread and see if they make money with it.

    for example:
  2. yeah, I refuse to post on that forum and also the trading one until those two mods are canned. Judging from some PMs others are doing the same.
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    I wonder how many maggots are going to come out this weekend?

    Two already and counting.

  4. Gekko,

    LOL :D

    For the record - I did not start that thread, although I did contribute to it...

    I am sorry that there was nothing in there to make you any money buddy, but I don't think that was the point of the thread...
  5. Better make that 3. You're here.

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    Here we go, let's wait and see...

    1 maggot, 2 maggots, 3 maggots...They are attracted to shit you know...

  7. "As always I will be keeping this thread as tight as possible, this time so it may serve as a starting point for searching this forum's history. As a result, accolades and detractions in respect to this thread will be removed."

    You may want to make use of this site:
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    You are asking these maggots that probably don't have a junior high school diploma to try and read?

    nitro :confused:
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    Here is an awesome problem. It comes from this thread:

    I will be responding to this thread. What a joy to have to think this through!

    EliteTrader at it's best.

    "Handling Skepticism from Loved Ones
    My father-in-law, a man I deeply respect and love, stunned me today when he told flat-out told me he didn't believe I could make a living as a daytrader.

    His reasoning was:

    A) I'm not capitalized enough,

    B) Trading is gambling, and

    C) I need to find a more secure, "regular" job

    The facts as I view them are:

    A) Although trading remote, I'm with a prop firm that offers substantial leverage should I ever decide to tap into it,

    B) Although trading does bear similarities to gambling, having a strategy that works more than it doesn't puts the odds in one's favor, and if I concentrate on cutting my losses and letting my winners run the edge is then with me,

    C) I have had many "regular" jobs; as a matter of fact I work a "regular" job in addition to trading every day, and I could go back to another regular job and not trade if I had to, but I feel Ineed at least 10 more months to see if I can trade for a living as my sole source of income (I'm only trading 1 lot and hope to increase my trade sizes each month by another 100 shares if I'm making money. My goal is to make it to 1000 shares per trade.)

    I traded before and did well enough, but gave it up for one of those more secure, "regular" jobs. Then I got laid off from that secure, regular job despite having terrific job performance ratings.
    Down-sizing, they call it....It's one of the reasons I want to really give trading a shot.

    After hearing me out, he still insisted that I couldn't do it and had to think about my "long-term plans." Ouch. I felt like a kid being lectured to - I'm in my mid-30's for chrissake!

    Anyway, I could care less what people I hardly know think about daytrading, but hearing the skepticism and blanket "you can't do it" from a man I care about really has shaken me up - despite the fact that he doesn't know the details of daytrading, just what he hears and reads in the media.

    Another thing, I have a baby on the way, our first, and his first grandchild, so I'm sure that's weighing heavily on his mind. I don't begrudge him his being worried and being concerned about his daughter and grandchilds' welfare, but again, his blanket condemnation and inability to at least give me a chance to prove myself has shaken my confidence.

    Anyone else gone through this? How did you deal with it?"
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    take it easy, you have a few days off until you get back to your small fry orders and those lame cut and pastes you embarrass yourself with..... just because you don't have much to do in the mean time, stop taking the the sadness out on everyone else.
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