Since posting links to prop firm is not allowed (Or because BT is a sponsor)

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  1. Which in case that is censorship which has been getting on my nerves lately with ET, and I'm still not proud of the PM's I got about posting reference to prop firms.

    Why is there not a "Prop Firms" section created for the site, seperate from Brokers.

    That will solve all the issues and I don't have to hear mod(s) complain about linking to prop firms, which is stupid because when someone asks a question about a prop firm I feel like I should be able to make a recommendation of a great Prop firm I have been introduced to... is that wrong?

    So will there be a Proprietary section added to the links on top of ET for Prop firms specifically. Or at least seperate from retail so everyone can post their experience on prop firms.

    Or is that not allowed because Bright Trading is the only firm allowed to be mentioned, again if that is true, I'm going to be very upset with ET.

    I have never tried to recruit any member on ET for TVC, as I know nothing more about the company other than my personal experience and could care less how many other traders they get. Same goes for Benchmarq, ChicagoTradingServices, Assent, all those.

    Let us review prop firms or stop complaining about people making reference to any prop firm.
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    Of course you can talk about other prop firms. But the issue is that your thread is essentially trying to duplicate the ratings functionality that we already have on the site elsewhere in the broker ratings section. Many of the prop firms you listed in your thread are available for review already in that section. If there are firms that you want to see added to the ratings section, just send an email to and we'll get them up within a day or two.