Since October 4th 2011, the SPX is up 15% DOW up 13.5% in 2 weeks...

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    SPX is up a huge 15% in only 13 trading days while the DOW is up 13.5% in 13 trading days....all this since touching a low on October 4th, talk about irrational markets....This is nothing more than a bear market rally, is there more upside involved well it looks like since 1230 on the SPX was passed 1250-1270 is the new upside target, how much more the markets can rally is anyones guess however everyone knows what happens when rallies of this magnitude occur, usually markets fall twice as fast as they rise so imagine seeing this rally disappear in only a week, whewwww, talk about extreme volatility. I guess the santa clause came earlier this year, this is christmas in October! haha
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    How do you know? predicting the market (especially short term) is a fools game.
  3. Spooz dumped more than 250 handles in just about as short a period of time. Did we forget about that? 250 down, 150 up... Where's it going from here? Look at your position and assume its going the other direction.
  4. I am looking for 1450 at years end. There is 1.2 trillion USD in cash rserves at mutual funds. NYSE short interest is at almost 3 year highs.

    Hedge fund managers have excessively hedged their tail risk.

    And old fellow Nassim Taleb has Dec 800 puts in his portfolio - as usual. :D :cool:

    Hum, I forgot to mention that on Friday 95 % of retail traders have been long USD/JPY and 61 % of retail traders have been short EUR/USD.

    As usual - retail tarders are on the wrong side of the trades. USD will become wekaer. Consequently S&P MUST rise and EUR/USD, too.

    USD/JPY will see the next leg downward. A lot of bla, bla, bla from the Japanese government but NO ACTION.
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    *S&P FUT
    1241.20 +6.00 +0.49%
    *DOW FUT
    11808.00 +51.00 +0.43%
    *NAS FUT
    2342.50 +8.25 +0.35%

    Oil nearing $90 again....

    Nothing like paying over $4.00 a gallon for gas, the only time I came close to paying under $3.80 was when the dow dropped below 10500, so it seems the higher the markets go the higher price of oil goes. So I guess when everyone is cheering SPX 1400+ oil will be over $110 and nearly $4.50+ at the pump, AHHHH I love it....bring on higher oil prices and stocks prices, love the smell of asset bubbles, thanks BUBBLE ben bernanke hahahah.