since nothing of value is posted to trading

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  1. i post here.

    didnt u c the h&s forming yest?
  2. too much going on , too little value posting to idiots.

    will not post here at all for a minimum of 1 week , starting now.
  3. KastyG


    H&S?are you serious? have you backtested this formation???:eek:

    i want to see proof!
  4. BSAM


    This is hard to believe.
  5. I break my promise only to remind you assholes that my h&s call represents yet another winning trade.
  6. down 30 es points in less than 24 hours off my call.

    and you morons bust chops

    lol, gth
  7. proof of what , that you're a retard?
  8. keep in mind, I posted that 40 point ES call here, to insure the minimum number of eyeballs.

    record stands, 265 predictions, 249 winners.
  9. all good things fly under the radar.
  10. lol,
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