Since nobody else will ask, I will... Does Islam have a problem?

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    Wow; look @ France poll on that screen..................................
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    Islam as a religion does not have a problem. It is the people trying to interpret it that we, as a civilized society, have a problem with.

    If only these zealots knew that they are NOT going to rise to "heaven with 1,000 virgins" by performing what they think is the will of Allah. That's not how it works.
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  4. Islam is evil...all the terrorists are of that origin, and they treat their women like shit o_O

    Allah my ass. psycho extremists.
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    The joke goes: "I don't have a drinking problem. I drink. I get drunk. I fall down. No problem."

    So it depends on what you think is a problem.

    It could be that Mohamedans don't have a problem. They are drinking in Mudhamed's scriptures. They are getting drunk. And they are taking over the world. No problem.

    Who has the problem is the citizens and leaders of the places that the Mohimidans intend to take over.

    Part of their problem is ignorance. Dr. Warner tries to dispel some of the ignorance.

    Dr. Warner's explanation of Moohumood's original motives confirm what i've been saying about Muhumudism being an ideological offspring of Judaism. I've said it is the offspring of a strange relationship between Judaism and Christianity. But if what Warner says is true, it looks like the "Father" in that relationship is Judaism.

    Now, as a prophet who hears the voice of Gabriel, a Jewish arch-angel so-to-speak, Mohhammed was utterly rejected by the Jews in his region, to the point of insult. To prove he was the next generation of great prophets in line with every other prophet in Jewish history, Moomoomud decided that military victory is proof enough. If you read Jewish history, and their interpretation of military outcomes, you can see why Mohuumed decided war was an arbiter of truth.
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    I agree with about 90% of that; about the same %% of Arabs/Americans that dont belive the Koran= about 90%. Its the 10% that are going like North Korea-- LORD take out the trash with the US military................................................................................................
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    And how about the female Muslim terrorists? Do they get 1,000 gigolo's?
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  9. Yeah they do have a problem and it's not me.

    My neighbors and I don't sell their daughters for 2 goats and 50 dollars. And the kids down the street don't throw acid in the face of girls that say no to a date.

    When a woman is raped we don't make her a victim, call her a wh!re and stone her to death.

    If someone does me wrong I don't rape his sister as revenge on him.

    If I see someone in the Dallas area wearing a hijab or a black dress from head to toe when it is 92 degrees outside I wonder if they are hot. If a woman wears a short sleeve shirt in the ME she is arrested.

    If I pass a mosque in the Dallas area all I think is that it's a nice looking building. If Christians worship in the ME they risk death.

    They execute queers and drug users but they have sex with ladyboys and sheep. Afghanistan produces 90 percent of the world's heroin/opium but they kill the users.

    The West allows the freedom of religion, assembly and speech; but as soon as the Muslims start to create a majority in any community they often try to establish ME values in a Western community; abolishing the same values that allowed them to prosper.

    When you live in Rome you live like a Roman. When your you live in the West you live like a Westerner-a free man. If all these Islamic immigrants don't like it then they can get back on a rickety raft and head back to the shiathole they call home, whether it is Kabul, Damascus, Raqqa, Fallujah etc.
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