Since Jan. 2009 10x More Added To Non Working

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    Since January 2009

    People Added To Labor Force:

    People Added To Non Working Population

    The 'labor force' consists of all people aged 16 and over either employed or actively seeking work. It does not include discouraged workers, people who have retired, or those on welfare or disability who are no longer looking for work. The 'not in the labor force' group is defined as the total civilian non-institutional population minus the labor force."

    Source: BLS
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    Are you sure? Seems I recall Ricter retard claiming everything was rosy.
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    Ricter is a special case. Instead of making your beliefs confrom to the facts, Ricter makes his facts conform to his beliefs. Nearly all communists and a majority of liberals exhibit this characteristic.
  4. Yes, and when confronted, he either leaves the thread or leaves us with another one of his idiotic riddles.

    I still think the guy married into the family business.