Since it's all about AAPL-Here's what happened

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by bearnbull, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. All my predictions since I started a thread about my large long position on AAPL happened. Now we're just waiting for this stock to hit $165 around August, possibly 1st or 2nd week.

    Here's the fucking bad news.........I sold my position right after AT&T opened their mouth about the Iphone, and the stock drop to 134 and change. I got out at 135.12 the same day, and stayed flat thru earnings. Made around 23K on the trade, but could have made lots more if it was not for AT&T.

    During the frenzy on their earnings report, I was able to get in at 140.00. This time only 20% of my original trade.

    I'm happy that I was able to get in, but really pissed that I did not ride it thru eternity.:mad:
  2. I am also kinda pissed

    bought some in AH at 140 buy should have bought more

    oh well I have a gain atleast
  3. Yeah well.

    I shoulda bought AAPL in '03 when it was $14 pre-split. I thought the P/E looked high relative to its peers. Been beating myself up about it ever since.

    Then I looked at it again: that was about 1000 trading days ago. Ít has gone up 20x in that time. That's 0.3% per trading day, compounded.

    Nothing heroic, not 0.5%, say. Just 0.3%.
  4. in may 2003, i sold aapl short, at around 16.50, for a swing, and made .30-.50c out of it.
  5. Every time I go into the Apple store in NYC its jammed. Jammed with the broads who are easy to sell, and their mamas.

    That Att story was a plant. Made no sense at all.

  6. don't worry about it. i recall reading you were long calls ... i think 135s?? IV drop will have hit these dramatically, so you are still ahead and did a good job regardless.

    trading is no easy job. good job on not losing $$$..