Since 1936,the candidate who lead in the polls at this stage won 17 out of 19 times

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  1. Since 1936,the candidate who lead in the polls at this stage won 18 out of 19 times.They won the popular vote 18 out of 19 times

    First, the polling by this time in the cycle has been reasonably good, especially when it comes to calling the winners and losers in the race. Of the 19 candidates who led in the polls at this stage since 1936, 18 won the popular vote (Thomas E. Dewey in 1948 is the exception), and 17 won the Electoral College (Al Gore lost it in 2000, along with Mr. Dewey).
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    The polls show it is too close to call. An incumbent should be much further ahead than Obama is right now. The other side of the coin is that the challenger should be further ahead because of the poor economic shape we are in right now. It's too close, period.

    All of you guys pointing to the polls and saying Obama will win are full of shit.

    All of you guyts pointing to the polls and saying Romney will win are full of shit.

    I just hope this election doesn't end up in a courtroom.
  3. That is not true
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    Tsing Tao

    Actually, it is.
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  6. I know the polls are a source of discomfort for the ABO crowd, which is why they are looking for any glimmer of hope, such as :

    The polls are skewed.

    Obama should be further ahead at this point and since he isn't that's proof he is an asshole, no matter who wins.

    The polls are just plain wrong because people are afraid to appear racist to polltakers by admitting they will vote for Romney.

    Santa promised me a Mitt for Christmas.

    Money talks and bullshit walks. Bookmakers are offering between 7-2 to 4-1 for anyone wanting to bet on Romney.
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    Polls are all skewed to the left.. why do they do that? If people thought their candidate was winning they would be less inclined to vote.

    My best guess is that it's as cover for voting fraud.
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    If everything is "left", then nothing is 'left".
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    Behold, the daily Ricter Riddle!