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    Previously I have mentioned that I am papertrading the dow e-mini with some success, but as you all know paper trading basically doesn't tell you much.

    Anyone have experience with For $50 I can have a month of simulated trading, they say that they are identical to having a real brokerage.

    I can pick my starting capital and per trade fees.

    This seems like a low risk way to prove to myself (and my wife) that I can cut it.

  2. The hard part of simulated trading is how do you account for the orders in line before you? The order matching engines work first in first out. With simulated trading, how do they know how many orders to put in front of you? Therefore you will probably be filled faster in simulated trading than you would be real time.

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    You can trade electronically via AudiTrack’s browser-based order entry platform, or call in orders to a live AudiTrack brokerage professional at our trading desk. AudiTrack performs margin and interest calculations, produces real-time account balances, displays all open positions, valuations, and buying power. All of this account information is available over the Internet. Clients have the option of receiving account statements by mail or electronically.

    The cornerstone of credibility in an AudiTrack simulated track record is its realistic price fills for executed orders. Using proprietary techniques and models coupled with state-of-the-art price information, AudiTrack produces extremely accurate results. Time-stamped electronic or telephone orders are expertly filled in by experienced order desk professionals. AudiTrack’s proprietary liquidity models estimate the impact that the order size and type will have on execution prices. Numerous parallel tests between real money and AudiTrack accounts, conducted in the past by both the company and our clients, have independently revealed an overall price discovery replication yielding less than a one percent deviation in values per month, based on month-end total account’s equities.

    AudiTrack services all major domestic and international exchange-traded futures and options contracts – plus, listed US stocks, options and other capital markets instruments. Moreover, AudiTrack makes accurate dealer market prices for clients interested in trading spot and forward market foreign exchange. Only at AudiTrack can this spectrum of markets and services be found.
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    that was quite a statement - not that I have data to disagree, but I found its "flow" interesting - is this out of your experience or do you work for them? :)
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    obviously some free advertising.
    take it as such, with a big grain of salt.
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    sorry I copied that bit from their website,

    Just wanted to know what you guys thought of it, if you feel it is a waste of time/money, I won't bother, and will just go live.
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    CT, Hello. You sound kind of new to trading so here is an observation. Simulators will never be able to duplicate the "feel" of real trading. It may help you to learn a trading system, I.E. technical, momentum, L 2 reading, basic execution skills. But the hardest part is emotional. For example if you are Long in a stock and it reverses, how do you duplicate the feeling of maybe, not being able to get out of the position, and then suffering a $400... loss. How do you get back in to the next trade after this? Or an even better question is, does a trader have the ability to reverse position, and follow the new direction of the stock? So simulators can help, but the real thing is soooooo different. Everything that you have hopefully read about;

    1 Having more than the minimum $25,000 for pdt account
    2 Money to live off of 6 months to 1 1/2 years
    3 The Market ain't what it was in "99
    4 Etc,Etc,Etc. and more, are the absolute truth when it
    comes to trading today.
    (Unless you have a world famous older Brother to teach you) :D

    Due diligence
  8. You would go live just because "us guys" told you something might be a waste? Hard to believe. Don't rely on what others who you know nothing about tell you when it comes to risking your own capital.

    I still think it was a veiled attempt at SPAM myself. :D
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    CT, If it's spam you just stuck your hand in the Piranha tank :D

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    Refer to my posts in the following thread:

    I have studied dow for two years. I have a system that appears to work on paper. Another poster told me paper trading wasn't worth it and I should wipe my ass with paper.

    I am not yet confident to go live (shit this is real money you know). Went looking for simulators. Found one... posted a question if simulators are better then paper trading, or do I truly need to go live to gain the confidence I need to trade.
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