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    Does anybody know of an emini simulator that can be used outside market hours, perhaps something along the lines of a random data generator (something other than eSignal/Ensign)? Or a "record and play back" type that has an extensive archive of market data that can be accessed randomly (other than FuturesTrader), perhaps from a CD?

    And, yes, I tried Search.
  2. for $40 a month can do it for you. You need to collect the data everyday, you get a two week historical intraday data when you sign up. AutoTrader has something similar, but I do not know what else you need to have to use it.
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    Thank you. However, I don't want to have to collect the data, and a two-week archive wouldn't accomplish much. I'd prefer a random data generator or a data archive that can be accessed randomly.
  4. Yeah, I understand. I am not sure if something like that exists, but I think that there is a market for it, so perhaps someone has already made it. I just don't know.
  5. How are you going to practice making money from a random data generator??
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    Find one and I'll show you.
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    I have a random price generator in mine for testing purposes. But uh, it's maybe not so random since it's biased to the long side.

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  9. random numbers, LOL !

    if you want random numbers, dig out your dungeons and dragons game and start rolling dice and plotting the results.