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  1. Anyone know any good FREE simulators? I know a couple of Forex simulators... but I am looking to expand the list.

    Note: Daytrading not investing like marketocracy.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. For E-Mini - with IB acct/feed -

    (Actually, it works for any stock or future symbol if you type it in the right way - see the web page for details)

    I like it because it won't fill the limit order until it ticks past your price - real life it is easier to get filled - if your edge plays out on this, it'll be real viable with real fills.

    My wife taught herself how to scalp with this.

    Works very well, just like IB


  4. Scalping .. didnt this die with decimiliiation..?

  5. One or two futures ticks with a very high hit rate% works well
  6. I have a free simulator you can check out.

    you do need an IB account though.
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  8. AutoTrader ( simulator works in simulation mode with IB live market data.

    No IB account? No problem, you can downlaod a sample playback data file to do your trading simulation, or with the just added feature, you can simulate the market data using a random number generator.

    Playback data can be plotted to any charting program that uses TWS API, such as SierraChart or QuoteTracker.

    I will be adding new playback source support, currently in the plan is playback data from ensign, CME globex time and sales data, and QuoteTracker data.

  9. I forgot to mention, if you use MetaServer RT software to connect to AutoTrader, the playback data from AutoTrader can be fed to TradeStation, MetaStock, Ensign, anything that MetaServer RT supports.

  10. Gain forex has a good one also
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