Simulator, better than paper trading

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by tntneo, Jun 20, 2001.

  1. tntneo

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    I think a simulator is better than paper trading when it is possible. I sure always use it for a new strategy before throwing real greenies to the market.

    I found this one for futures. Very nice and free for 30 days.

    I am still looking for a simulator for stocks.
    Anyone know about a good one [with REALTIME DATA, not canned data from the previous day or delayed, otherwise it is no use]

  2. bora


    I tried,
    but as soon as i subscribed for there realtime service, they had technical problems and no realtime quotes. And the problem is still not fixed...
  3. has a real simulator for trading stocks if you open an account with them. The quotes and the simulated transactions are real time, but they don't have charts, but you could use 's free real time software for real time charts on stocks.
  4. mjt


    Here is another link but I don't think they're in business anymore. I couldn't get it to work today
  5. tntneo

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    Where is it ?
    The simulator I know is free for everyone and does not use live data but recorded intraday data.
    That's usually the problem with simulators. Cybertrader has one, but I no longer am a client so...
  6. elon


    Hi There,

    Here is a good simulator (realtime quotes, real fills, real P&L) for the mini nasdaq and mini SP futures for 30 days.

    You also get a fake $50K (-:
  7. shyhh



    i think the demo system for interactive broker is realtime and available to everyone. You will still be about to use the system after market close, the data is recorded. Problem is, the Demo system goes down pretty often.

    correct me if i m wrong.