simulation of MIT orders on Ninja

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by fluttrader, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Ninja doesn't have MIT orders,
    any way to accomplish this ?
  2. Put a limit order one tick above/below where you'd like the MIT to be.

    Or find a new platform. Open ECry supports MIT orders.

  3. Still leaves me with the problem of partial fills.

    2 clicks for placing MIT orders (select type, MIT and then place in DOME) with Openecry ?
  4. You are correct, partial fills could be a potential issue.

    MIT orders via OEC:



    What's nice about the OEC platform is that once you click the MIT button, it will remain an MIT until you uncheck it. So you actually only need to set the MIT (first pic) one time and then any left click will be an MIT order. Very quick and easy. I used another platform that required you to click the MIT function each and every time to send an order as an MIT. That was annoying.