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  1. Hey guys,

    My company is developing a low cost simulation engine, without any programming component. We are aiming at incorporating a significant amount of flexibility in terms of strategy , money management etc. We have one issue that we'd like some feedback on:

    We are a pure play sim engine (i.e. no charting etc) - we have decided to only support ASCII/text/CSV files for stock /commodity data input. Thus, the user would have to export data as ASCII/text/CSV for it to be processed by the engine. Is this a limiting factor that we should worry about? Would it be a deal breaker for you? What other formats would you suggest we support?


    Also, we're looking for beta testers - so if you're interested send me a PM with your email id- the upside for you is that you might get to use a beta version of a simulation engine for free.
  2. Sounds more like a wheelbarrow than like an 'engine'.
  3. jordanf


    When you say CSV do you mean general CSV support where the user will define what fields are what in their data, or a fixed field layout that you will define?
  4. The csv/text files can be in any form (as long as the spec is defined in a master file), and any set of directories, as long as the user follows a small set of rules regarding naming etc. Would there be any particular additional formats that we should implement? I would love to get some advise from this forum.
  5. Also, a CSI user wouldn't be too inconvenienced, since all he/she'd have to do is define a portfolio and we'd be able to read from there..
  6. OK, from what it seems from the pm's we've received that as long as we are very flexible about csv/text/excel formats, it shouldn't be a problem. We've also decided to put in a chart package, so results can be viewed easily. Thanks for the input from those contributed, here and through pm.


    -p.s we would love to get beta testers for our product. If you are interested, send me a pm.