Simulating trading for a given day in the past

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    I'm looking to simulate candlesticks from past days. So when I start the clock at 9:30 ET for a given day in the past, I'd like to see the 1 min candlesticks for the stocks I want. And to be able to trade them and see my pl

    Is there any software that does this to your satisfaction?

    Do you have any other suggestions? I've heard of DASTrader and Ninja but would like your suggestions. (I've tried Think Or Swim's OnDemand but it doesn't allow me to short as much as Interactive Brokers. TOS has a Hard-to-Borrow club. Also it doesn't really looks like a true to life candlestick.)

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    ToS does not allow shorting on simulation? Huh wha?
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    TOS has a Hard-to-Borrow club - are you in it?
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    edited Nevermind, no more comments here for me. No idea what the deal is on your "data set".
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    InvestorRT at provides backtesting and playback of previous days.