*Simulated* Trader P/L 2007

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  1. Hello my Paper Pals,

    Why not have some journal for paper traders, so that one day we can slowly transition from simulation to real and everything will be tracked.

    I think real profitable trading consists of 2 things
    1) Psychology ( fear, greed, self control )
    2) consistent profitable trading model/method.

    I will try to trade as real as possible assuming my sim acct# to be 5K, I will be trading 1 NQ contract.

    First I want to achieve consistency by paper trading and then will tackle psychology along the way.

    Feel free to post your Sim P/L. Lets begin our journey.

    Lets hope that one day we can post our profits in Real Trader P/L.
  2. Sorry I got off topic on that last post.

    Best of luck with the journal and your road to trading success. :)
  3. Sounds like a cool idea. Anybody ..... care to start posting?????:D :D or better said .... are you brave enough to start posting?
  4. aqtrader


    let me try to post my paper trader here,
    this is a totally automated simulation paper trading system, please do not ask me any questions.
  5. Tums


    where is Blue? He can post his trades here.
  6. + 156.2

    1 contract NQ
  7. Blue was busy covering his shorts in the Qs or selling this beautiful new ETF, QID. Some will understand that "Ultra" can also mean that you lose twice the gains in Nasdaq, or close to 4% today.
  8. aqtrader


    paper net $749.97 on 7040 shares
  9. hmm...

    + 100

    looks like I am getting consistent in grabbing avg $100 on 1 contract NQ from the high security ruthless futures markets :)

    does that mean my edge is working hmmm lets see as time goes by..

    on monday might try to checkout on greed and fear....
    #10     Jan 5, 2007