Simulated Stock Trading Competition

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  1. Stock trading competition on

    From now until December 31, 2002

    Start with $25,000

    Commissions are $5 per trade

    No interest paid to cash held, margin interest charged 20%

    To join Click Here

    Competition ID is: single_stock_fudger

    The password is: daytrade
  2. yall dont want TKOTRADER to TKO ya !!!!!!!! :D
  3. Can I just short 10 ES contracts and hope I don't get stopped out before the next terrorist incident?
  4. shyhh


    25 K is a pretty risky figure.
    Don't get PDTed :D
  5. whowah


    Im in as "Rockfish"

    ..but this site is a bit quirky to use.
  6. Yes, it is. It's not really any use for real time daytrading. More of a stock-picking game.
  7. whowah


    I was referring to the fact that the site did not work properly, not the mechanics of the game.
    It gave me a "page cannot be found" message several times when I tried to register. I went to home and tried again and it worked. Then it gave me an invalid stock symbol when i tried to enter the trade. The second time it worked. The symbol was vaild though.

    There are six investment contests or simulations that I am in now including yours. Hope I can keep track of them all!
  8. I think if today was your first day registering it will work more smoothly after today.

    Just click My Portfolio after you log in, and all your competitions should be listed together.