Simulated futures trading

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by daytr8r, Jan 26, 2003.

  1. daytr8r


    Are there any free or inexpensive simulated futures trading platforms?
  2. DblArrow


    If you have an IB account this is by far the best I have seen

    Make 'em pretty, Chris

    P.S. For simulation it is free.
  3. Monsoon


    but something is fishy with the stops and limit orders....
    seems like i get filled immediatly when i enter a stop even if the market isnt trading in that range.. and i get exact fills on my stop price instantly..

  4. has a nice simulated platform for free.

  5. cartm


  6. And the quotes are RT? I guess not, perhaps I am wrong, but I once looked into that and got discouraged. I guess it was because the quotes were delayed and since my charts were RT trading this way was just plainly stupid. Maybe this was not that, so correct me if I am wrong.