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  1. does anyone know which software platforms allow for automated trading, where they will not only hold the theorum (trading parameters and risk manangement parameters) but also submit the orders to designated trading platforms (provided that the brokerage has an automated inbound pipeline), and also, provide trades management (basic positions management, p&l, and so forth)?

    I believe this will be an interesting discussion, as I have seen automated systems beat the best traders in the room. Something about the more simpler the better, irrespective of the choppiness in the marketplace.
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    there are several now.
    tradestation, IB, preferedtrade, mytrack, some realtick platforms, cybertrader, etc..
    would you be more specific in what you are interested in ?
  3. I knew of Trade Station, forgot about MyTrack, and didn't know the others had entered the arena for Stock trading.

    I would like to set up simplistic and then more advanced, trading parameters, and then run them in simulation to see how they perform side-by-side with my own trading. This will allow me to benefit from a mechanized form of profit generation.

    For example,

    Buy when condition 1 (rising volume, rising trend, gap open of < 40% with reversal within 20 minutes of 10% or less)

    or SEll, when opposite condition...

    something like that...
  4. limitdown:

    i have used tradestation 6 for a few weeks for automated trading.
    the theorie was great, the backtest was great.
    the result would also. :)
    but there are some probs, not included in backtesting.

    whenever this happens, your whole strategy is not worth a penny

    i was very engaged in handling auto-trades.
    i changed back to swing trading. works a lot better for me.

    but i was never a real daytrader.
    i just daytraded some days (succesfull) but an automated strategy does not stand for a trader , watching the volume, watching the vola... of a certain stock.

    but i believed in that. especially as i was not a daytrader.
    i believed, i could daytrade without beeing there.
    sorry, didnt work.

    i still have to decide:
    quit my legal job and become a daytrader,
    or stay as a swingtrader (and 'sometime daytrader') and still work for my company.

    so what will i do.
    i still dont know yet

    best luck