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  1. :D whats up im 17 years old getting experience in trading early on, I like to papertrade a new market for atleast 2-3 months before putting any real money. I'm probably gona be trading e-minis (real money custodial acct). when i turn 18 i'll have enough $$ to start trading with my own account or sole proprietorship.
  2. thanks to the guys at i got a datafeed and ninja trader simulation

    my for sure plays (according to strategy) are in the picture and the rest of the trades for the day were losing trades ( learning process). Learned to not a) pay attention to 3 minute and 10 second chart much , sticking more to the 1 min ;-)

    Total net profit : $- 3200 :D i'll make it back

    I also gotta figure out a way to not take profits so fast.
  3. tyler19


    You better get revenge on the market and get that 3200$ back!
  4. its fake money :D if it was real i would hit my target of 1 or 2 points a day and then just leave it alone
  5. 52 trades today hehe overtrading ;-) didnt wake up for the 9:30 rush

    $100k account is down to $89k in two days.

    Im always bored when trading since my strat requires patience and i dont feel like scalping on a simulator even though i did one today and i got filled half of the way for the slot to come down.

    Trade with the MACD/trend not against it.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    first blue arrow is a losing cover, the rest are all covers
  6. alright so 77 trades today down to 81k acct value. took MACD off added Stochastic 15(3)5. Figuring out trends on my own by looking at volume, instead of crap MACD, keep getting shaked out of my trades which is why i have 77 annoying

    Market orders suck:
    im gonna leave those annoying arrows on while i trade maybe just maybe i can hold myself back from screwing up.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. Alright so today i resetted my account value so im back to 100k and i said no more fooling around, set my goal to $600 a day with 5 contracts and "Stick To My Guns" -- Short term live with oscar.

    Happy Rollover Day!


    Met my goal at 10:48 AM

    using OHLC bars instead , really helps keep the noise out of trading. 1 and 3 minute charts

    I think im complete with the strategy:

    -- up bars with excessive volume = weakness
    -- down bars with excessive volume = strength
    -- up bar with low volume means mark-down can begin (time to short)
    -- down bar with low volume means mark-up can begin (go long)
    -- down bars, narrow spread (diff between H & L), low vol = bullish
    -- up bars, low vol, near resistance = bearish
    -- wide spread, high vol, near trend line = expect trend line break
    -- small spread, small vol, near trend line = expect trend line
    --No trading against the stochastic, unless for a quick scalp

    got it from some forum , summarizes VSA pretty well; i add the stochastic factor.theres more to it but this is the outline


    Acct value : 100650
  8. things i learned,
    a) dont be stupid
    b)analyze e-minis daily chart
    c) learned what this means
    -- down bar with low volume means mark-up can begin (go long)
    -- down bars, narrow spread (diff between H & L), low vol = bullish
    --down bars with excessive volume = strength

    heh? i understand it, just takes A LOT of focus, didnt have it very clear today ive been going mostly short for the past 3 days, and shorting is fun, yea you know it. I'm looking at things to short termish also, its those damn 1 min charts only gonna use them for morning, i wanna have more charts(5,10,30) but i only have one screen agh!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Vol3 Vol14 oscillator = nicer looking volume oscillator
  9. 1.was distracted in the morning by stocks
    2. dont get traumatized over a minimally bad trade

    99275 act value
  10. i want 2 screens heeh i saw a nasty trade on the 10 minute chart that i couldnt see anywhere else, i took at and it was nice = D

    my ninja trader is also broken , electricity went out so now my ninja doesnt work WTH
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