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  1. Is it me or do the new season's epsiodes suck?
  2. Family guy and American Dad tonight were not bad, twisted concepts, but not bad.
  3. Family guy is great. Love it. Giggity-giggity.

    Closely followed by Futurama, , my other all time fav, and both better than the other two.

  4. man.. that sucks!

    I thought this thread was about hot pics of Jessica and Ashley Simpson :(
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  7. great posts wayne
  8. Simpsons are awesome man, its quality entertainment - been watching em since i was about 5, dont plan to stop anytime soon, older episodes - if i've see it on i've seen it at least 5 times, new ones aren't that bad. Simpsons will never get old!

  9. thought I was goin to see simpsons...
    but.ahhhhh feeling hot hot hot
  10. Well... uh, I think since about the third season people have been saying that about the Simpsons...

    ...which means the show is getting steadily worse or people just like to bitch and moan about stupid shite.
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