Simply view average price in IB: Has to be possible!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by krazy, Oct 23, 2006.

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    Simply view average price in IB: Has to be possible!

    Hello all,
    I am using the IB TWS software to buy/sell DAX options, and I am trying to find out one very simple piece of information . . .

    A very simple *example* illustrating what I have done:

    Ten days ago I bought ten Dec07 5000strike Puts for $100
    Today, I bought ten Dec07 5000strike Puts for $80

    I want to know what my average cost is of all the twenty Dec07 5000strike Puts I own.

    It should show me that the average cost was $90. So if I can sell all those 20 puts I own for $90 or more, I can make a profit. No?

    How/Where can I see this bit of info. I can seem to find every other type of info, but not something like this . . . am I completely blind and missing it?

    Thank you kindly for your time and any help you may be able to provide :)
  2. If you click on "Account" on the TWS you should be able to see your unrealized profit/loss in real time.
  3. krazy


    Hello and thankyou for the response :)

    I realize that i can see the P&L, but i was specifically more looking for the average cost. Sometimes i may have a position that may not have been traded twice as in the above example, but in fact have been traded many times at many different prices. Further more i am hedging and offsetting other positions which can make thing a bit more complicated/convoluted, especially if i do not use only IB as my broker and TWS as the software.
    I cannot go off P&L alone, in fact sometimes the P&L may be misleading to what i am hoping to achieve. That is why i was hoping to be able to easly see the avgerage cost of a position.

    Currently, if i buy/sell an instrument over a period of time at many different prices, i need to view the Trade History, and copy it to excel and work out the average cost. But unfotunetly that requires effort :D, but more importantly, it seems TWS only shows you info on a Daily basis. so if i happened to to be holding a contract that i bought two weeks ago, it will not show up in my "trades' execution window . . . so really, it is useless to me.

    As i said, i'm just hoping to find the info that shows me, if i have a position in something, and i have traded it multiple time (averaging up etc.) what my average cost is . . . .

    I hope that made sense :)

    Thankyou again,