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  1. A friend of mine was talking to me about this literally seconds before I noticed this post. Talk about coincidences.
    As for the actual event, everything is possible.
  2. What's surprising to me is what seems to be a nearly complete lack of interest in this story by the general public. You'd think this would be the hot topic of the week and instead, nothing. Odd, very odd.
  3. The public has often read similar stories but probably by less trustworthy sources and by now probably views it as a "crying wolf" situation.
  4. Yes! I don't understand the lack of interest either. To me this is incredible. Most of the past "UFO" type encounters I have seen, while some of them were intriguing, were generally not clear and not witnessed closely by qualified people.

    This is by very highly trained pilots and using modern aircraft sensors in close proximity to the objects. They were tracked on TV (contrast) trackers and FLIR sensors. At the end, I would love to know what the estimated acceleration and final velocity of the object was when it zoomed off the screen. This rectangular object, it is plain to see, had no wings and no observed exhaust exiting it. And it was seen going under the water, too??

    I spent 30 years working on aircraft avionics and weapons systems for the F/A18 and AV-8B and the HUD display shown looked absolutely real to me. HUDs have a small camera with a prism lens to record what is shown. The pilot just pushes a button to turn it on. There is also sometimes an over the shoulder cockpit camera. Can't believe Navy resources would have ever been used to fake an event like this.

    If it was some kind of super-advanced vehicle from a secret military program, what was it doing messing around there? The speed, acceleration and flight characteristics are like nothing our current (known) science can match. It has sure changed my view of our world...

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  5. Here's the thing spinning in my head. Considering that the government holds back so much classified info, and in many cases they should, imagine what we're not seeing. My thought is that we are being slow walked into finally being told the truth about UFO's and actual contact. I can understand that aspect and them not wanting to start a panic, but I'm still mystified at the lack of interest at present.
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