Simplicity of Moving Averages

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by Spectre2007, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Patience and discipline and taking your opinion out of the picture can create a large fortune.
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    Your joking right?

    PLEASE tell me your joking!
  3. ma, atr, RSI
  4. They can work in a persistent market.
  5. it depends on what the rules are using them.

  6. Moving averages work in a strong trending market? Someone should write a book on this.
  7. If you hated THAT, you'll REALLY hate THIS.
  8. lol, nice.. moving averages if you treat them as moving s/r's and treat order placement similar to a s/r, it works pretty well.

    as an excercise heres a pic of 60 minute, 120 bar exp low ma.

    mentally go through what you would do at each point, if your going to intraday trade.
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    isn't there already a book on MA? or am i mistaken?