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  1. Just heard about this new firm and it looks interesting. It is one of the few prop firms that offer options too. But I've never heard anything about it. Can anybody here offer some input please? Any problems? Any problems withdrawing money? Thank you.
  2. Just a quote I recieved via PM, I don't know anything about this firm as well.


    On the website, I did see that is 5k minimum to open an account.

    I guess account minimums can be the next column for my list.
  3. Maverick74


    I know the firm well and the partners. Good group.
  4. Mav, it seems like these guys are kind of direct competitors to you. Can you say why your firm would be a better choice? Thanks.
  5. Maverick74


    Not at all. We have two different business models. Our firms are very different. I should also disclose the fact that our two firms work together on various projects.

    It's not a function of better or worse but what you need. We both serve different niches in the market. Trading is about finding where you fit in the best based on your needs.