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  1. Anyone have any experience with Simplex?

    Who do they clear? What are their rates etc?
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    I know the partners at Simplex well. Feel free to PM me for info about them.
  3. anyone else?
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    I offered...
  5. It would be nice to have more than 1 view. Also would be nice to have any views out in the open for others to see.

    In My Humble Opinion.
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    I don't mind you posting what I tell you on here. I just think it's important for me to know who I am giving the information to when asked. Wouldn't you agree Greg?
  7. Im just asking for some information. You got my you know who I am. And no I would not agree that people need to know who exactly is asking questions. If you have conflicts of interest or prefer not to answer publicly then dont respond, no problem. I need to weigh my options if you dont mind, I would prefer to remain anonymous, but you choose to make me public then thats fine too.

    Could we please move forward and get to the nuts and bolts of what people think of simplex, commissions, fees, experiences, etc.?
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    I didn't make you public, I just called you by your first name. I'm sure there is more then one Greg in the world. LOL.

    Look, if it was my firm you were inquiring about I have no issue with putting that info on a public board. But when you ask about another firm and your asking for info they have not made public, I have no issue with giving you that info in private provided I know WHO it is I'm giving it to you.

    That way when the partner of that firm, who I'm friends with, comes back to me and asks me why all his firm's info is littered all over the net, I know who to go to. It's part of being a professional.

    I'm not trying to hide anything, it's just a common courtesy I extend to people in the industry. If Don Bright told me something private about his firm and I passed that info on to another trader on good judgement, at least I can go to Don and tell him who it was I told. Not some anonymous guy on the net.

    I hope you understand. That's why people trust me and do business with me. You break that trust and you better look for another line of work.
  9. this is hysterical...!!!

    I think Mav has called your bluff.
  10. Please explain the humor and the "bluff"
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