Simplex Investments in Chicago?

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  1. Anyone ever heard of them? They trade equity options and offer a Junior Trader position with salary, bonus, and benefits.
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    Good firm. I know the owner pretty well.
  3. Maverick is that you? I read a few of your posts on your blog. And then I couldn't find the blog, and let it drop. What happened?
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    Which blog are you referring to?
  5. There used to be a blog called maverick's random options. Was that you?
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    Does this firm trade based on momentum? do you know if many traders are successful there, or do they make most of their money off of commissions on new traders rotating in and out, like 'chop shops' do?
  8. More Market Maker types withless directional trading methods but more volatility trading.
  9. What is "volatility trading"?
  10. I started working a Simplex Investments about a week ago. While I have only been there for a short while I have a basic understanding of what they do. They are a market maker on stocks that have a high option volume. Basically, the more people they can hire the more stocks they can trade options on. You will learn more about options strategies here than you do on the floor being a clerk because they teach you. The drawback is that in the beginning the pay isn't good and you will work about 50 hours a week.
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