Simplex Investments in Chicago? a logic test before joining a firm?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Econ-grad, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Has anyone heard of this firm?

    Also, what is a logic test? i applied for a job here and they said they would have a 20 minute paper based (no electronics allowed) logic test. i've heard of some firms that do this, but anyone know what is in a logic test? how can i prepare?

  2. Its pretty common and we screen our candidates in the same manner. Good luck!
  3. artis74


    yawn. this is pure h.r. nonsense that props actualy think help weed people out. it is an utter farce. give a decent interviewer 20 minutes with someone and they can deterimine more than some foolish test.

    the second they introduce you to the trading "coach" or "mentor" ask them why they dont trade anymore?

    they will inevitably answer it is more rewarding do this blah blah blah.

    that translates to "i couldnt trade for a darn so im working off my debit" or "i dont have qualifications to get a job at a legit firm so i am stuck in the prop industry"
  4. tell them to jam their test up the you know where.....

    tell them you are here to trade, not do algebra

    i guarantee you they will appreciate it
  5. :confused:

    These tests are not meant to be tricky but to assess your ability to handle stress, perform basic/essential mathematics, and have some logic. If you were to tell us or any other firm to take the test and do that; I doubt the job would be given offered. Additionally, we do interview and weight that according. I will admit alot is determined by interviewing a person and we hope to get the full story with a combination of interviews and testing.

    Our firm is also in Chicago and currently hiring. PM me if you are interested in talking about other opportunities.
  6. artis74


    Im fully aware of what the tests are for but all they do is create an extra layer of b.s. management at prop firs. The "trading coach" who is either an ex military guy, a shrink who was an extrader or god forbid an academic with no market experience what so ever.

    Sit in an interview an ask two questions that throw someone off and you can see exactly how they react.