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    This site looks too good to be true. Does anyone know more about it? i notice their ssl cert is expired. not a good sign.

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    Why don't you take the free trial and let us all know?

    I expect to hear back from you in one week with a full report.
  3. Anyone with more information about ?

    Seems he is still active in Paltalk. :confused:
  4. What does he offer and at what price ?
  5. You're going to have to try it out for yourself.

    I'm not "trying to be funny", it's the best way to detect the scams, and consequently, stay away from them.
  6. Day Trade Team is out of business too.

    Geoff Preston
  7. I really don't know anything about their method and for how long they are consistently profitable.

    I don't know any members.

    Wish a member of simpletraderway could show me a broker statement ...

    Nobody knows anything more about simpletraderway ?

  8. Spectra, what do you mean with "Day Trader Team is out of business to" ?
  9. DTT and was a big membership based trading room that was around for years. A few months ago they shut their doors down stating that the current economic conditions forced them to lose members. We have actually had an increase in members. People want to get out of buy and hold and start short term trading. We can short futures markets at any time with no restrictions. So while I feel sorry for the bad things happening to people in this economy, it's been a profitable period for us.

    Geoff Preston - Co-Admin
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