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  1. I'm new to futures.

    How much is one contract for the E-Mini market?
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    Since you don't specify, which e-mini, look it up yourself:

  3. The S&P 500!
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  5. I understand that with each point earned, you get 50$.
    But what I don't understand is the price to purchase 1 contract!
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    You buy at current market price, you can look up the delayed quotes on the front page of CME. For realt time quotes you'll need an access to real time data. At the moment, E-mini S&P500 is 1346.
  7. OK OK OK,

    So i have to put 5% down minimum of the index price???
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    No, the margin on e-mini S&P 500 is $3,938.
  9. Well let me kick it to ya like this.

    How many contracts can I control with 4000$ in the E-Mini S&P market?
  10. check your broker.
    most have a $1969 initial margin for ES (mini S&P) during market hours
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